• MagniMoist in Landscapes


    MagniMoist’s natural fibers deflect water back up into dry soil above. When the soil is fully saturated, the fibers become porous, releasing only the excess water.

    MagniMoisttm Rolls

    Available is 2ft x 50ft and 3ft x 50ft

    • Turf Establishment
    • Rooftop gardens
    • Raised Bed Gardens
    • Seed Establishment
    • Tree & Shrub Plantings
    • Rain gardens.

    MagniMoist in prairie restoration application

    Supporting Native grass establishment

    Here MagniMoist was used to establish prairie grasses nearing a runoff pond. The Magimoist was used below the surface to establish the multi-species grasses planted and then installed in the landscape. The brown area was seed with a spray mulch. The lush green area with multiple varieties of grasses has MagniMoist below the surface. 

    Nuclear photography (Xray) of watering sod

    Video shows examples with and without MagniMoist below sod.

    MagniMoist provides a very even distribution water above it's surface and allows a even dense root system to develop. This root system also becomes a catch system for water. Uneven root development creates a holes which like a hole in boat allow water to run deep into the ground. MagniMoist keep the water at the surface for roots and the roots grow dense and capture more water in their web even after MagniMoist has composted.

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