• Get Amazing Growth with MagniMoist Liners & Inserts!

    Our revolutionary soil hydrating blanket is the basis of many amazing gardening products. Over a million sold.


    Update: Stay safe and plant your garden, basket liners and micro-green products are shipping within 48 hours of order placement. 


  • Things we make

    Right Here in the USA - Spring 2020 is here and all basket liners are in stock and ready to ship !

    MagniMoisttm Wire Basket Liners

    all size basket liners in stock and ready to ship

    Soil Hydrating Liner outperforms coco liners. University tested grows healthier plants. MagniMoist will help you grow more vibrant and colorful hanging baskets this season.

    MagniMoisttm Window Box Liners

    liners for your trough, hayrack or window box planters

    Full sun window boxes. No problem, MagniMoist will keep your boxes look lush and beautiful all summer long. MagniMoist liners are designed to overlap for longer boxes.

    MagniMoisttm Planter Inserts

    for growing healthy, vibrant containers

    Place a MagniMoist Insert below the soil in all clay, plastic, stone and wood pots to enhance plant health, color and water management.

    MagniMoisttm Landscape Rolls

    perfect below raised bed gardens

    MagniMoist’s natural fibers deflect water back up into dry soil above. When the soil is fully saturated, the fibers become porous, releasing only the excess water.

    Farmer Youtm Microgreen Kits & Seeds

    The Farm is on Your Table

    Farmer You kits are the easiest way to grow micro-greens. The seeds are grown on a natural fiber pad so there is no soil to make a mess.

    g-Bloomtm Wire Basket Liners

    Sewn From MagniMoisttm

    New g-Bloom™ planters make the pot as natural as the plants inside. Now you can skip the plastic pot or wire basket and go all natural with g-Bloom.™


    What Professionals Say

    Paul Redeker

    Director of Horticulture

    Water Conservation Gardens

    "I think MagniMoist is great. It's a no brainer; for me to understand that if we can saturate the potting soil for longer period before it drains out, we not only save water, but allow the soil to hold the water and provide the plants with moisture for a longer period."

    Tonya Kay

    The Most Dangerous Woman in Hollywood

    "The best salad is the one you sprout yourself. Farmer You germination pads and seeds makes growing micro-greens so easy I can have fresh micro-greens all the time."

    Ron Peterson

    Head Grower

    Milaeger's Geeenhouse

    "At Milaegers we now use MagniMoist in over 25,000 containers. The crop just looks better and I don’t lose baskets to wilt. Most importantly, my customers have more success keeping the plants watered and looking great all summer."

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